10 Years of Meeting Unmet Needs

ST was founded with a mission of meeting unmet medical needs. In line with this ethos, we are passionate about helping all patients access new and innovative medicines that can change lives. In the past decade, we have worked closely with Rare Cancers Australia to ensure that new, innovative and potentially life-changing therapies are available to all patients who can most benefit.  Here’s RCA Chief Executive Officer Richard Vines.

“In 10 years, ST has done an amazing amount of work in areas that would otherwise be neglected by multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

One example of this would be introducing ABRAXANE to patients with pancreatic cancer, which has been a remarkable breakthrough. Bringing this medicine to Australians was done with great energy and compassion from everybody at ST.

But I think the greater point here is ST’s contribution overall to Australian healthcare.

Without ST doing the work it is doing and in-licensing novel medicines for the Australian market, we would be denied access to a whole range of medicines where the originating company does not have offices in Australia.

ST’s ability to license products, bring them to Australia and put them through the regulatory and reimbursement processes so they can be delivered to patients is just absolutely unique and invaluable.

As a company, it is as close to a national treasure for cancer patients as we can possibly find.

On a personal level, ST’s CEO Carlo Montagner is a remarkable man and it has been a joy to work with him.

I have worked with him on the Cancer Drugs Alliance and now, we will be working with him on the National Oncology Alliance. He brings a unique energy and passion to the Australian cancer community. Without his vision and effort, there would be a lot of cancer patients that would potentially, have died prematurely or unnecessarily. He has extraordinary energy.

In the next decade, I would really like to see STA’s continued growth, so it can bring more new therapies to Australians. Of course, we would like to see its focus on rare cancers continue so it can provide next-generation cancer medicines, like becombination therapies, targeted therapies, and different types of immune oncology drugs.

STA is well placed to bring these medicines to Australians with the same energy and passion it has shown in the past 10 years.

I wish STA a very happy birthday and a very successful next decade.”