Logistics: How ST Transports Specialty Medicines

Specialised Therapeutics ensures its specialty medicines are transported seamlessly and reliably. Sophisticated planning makes this happen. Our Quality Assurance Manager and GxP Associate David Wilson explains below.



OUR CAPABILITY: Specialised Therapeutics’ Quality Assurance Manager David Wilson explains how we transport specialist medicines to patients around the world

What are the main considerations ST must take into account when transporting specialty medicines?

There are a few important issues.  First and foremost, we need to ensure that our medicines are securely transported and that they remain at the correct temperature for the entire journey. This requires sophisticated planning and monitoring. Appropriate physical and environment protection containers are employed and our transporters are carefully selected for their expertise in this area. Importantly, we must be mindful that all relevant export and import permits are up to date to avoid airport delays.


Are our products fragile? Do they need to be handled with kid-gloves, and why?  What are some of the primary considerations?

Generally, our products are designed to be rugged when transported.  The most important issues are environment control and having them in transit for a short time.


How do we assure our partners that we will manage a quality, timely delivery at all times?

We have experienced, reliable transport sub-contractors both internationally and within Australia, who have demonstrated high-level expertise.  Domestically, we aim for overnight deliveries to major centres and overnight plus one day to more remote centres. Outside of Australia, we use several different service providers, all of whom are experts in their fields.


What sorts of procedures does ST have in place to ensure seamless, timely and safe deliveries?

Complex products require sophisticated planning, both prior to deliver and on an on-going basis. We continually demand and carry out audits of our key service providers  to ensure all deliveries are optimally managed.


What would you say to our partners and potential partners about our logistics and distribution capability in this complex environment?

I believe our procedures and policies around the delivery of specialist medicines are world class. Our procedures are rigorously scrutinised to ensure we are meeting global best practice standards. We don’t develop products in-house so we are ‘caretaking’ the products of our international partners. This responsibility is one we don’t take lightly and our commitment is to champion these products in our regions and ensure they are delivered seamlessly. For this reason, we only engage carefully selected, specialist operators to handle our products.


Finally, how does ST select logistics partners?

We select local and international logistics partners with demonstrated capability in the pharmaceutical industry.

From there, we create a short-list and conduct a through due-diligence operation to ensure all our requirements are met. When we have selected final contenders we visit their operations to see first-hand if they are the right fit and we then work through a list of acceptance criteria.

The final step is a qualification audit to accept a partner company into our list of approved suppliers. We are confident we have the right companies in place to deliver our medicines in a way that meets all international standards demanded by global pharma companies.