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Why Partner with Specialised Therapeutics?

We take care of your product as if it were our own. We manage the regulatory and reimbursement complexities to ensure our partner’s drugs are commercialised to the highest standards.

Track Record

Specialised Therapeutics has a strong track record championing partner products from pre-registration through to full commercialisation.

Regional Expertise

Our regulatory and reimbursement teams bring deep experience navigating complex registration
and reimbursement pathways in Australia, New Zealand and across South East Asia.

Experienced Teams

Specialised Therapeutics employs highly-skilled pharmaceutical executives with wide industry experience gained at some of the world’s largest pharma companies across numerous speciality therapeutic areas.

Meeting the unmet needs
of patients in Australia,
New Zealand and
Southeast Asia

What We Do


We are open to joint ventures, typical licensing agreements or other creative, mutually beneficial partnering opportunities.


Our regulatory team manages complex submission processes in all key markets, including Orphan and Fast-Track designations.


Our commercial team achieves rapid market penetration and leadership of portfolio therapies.

Reimbursement Expertise

Our experienced teams navigate reimbursement applications and processes for pharmaceutical products, companion diagnostics and other medical technologies.

Access Programs

We successfully launch and manage Named Patient Access Programs in our regions, enabling patients early or compassionate access to new therapies.


Partnering & Collaborate

We work closely with global business partners

We work closely with our global business partners and take care of their products as if they were our own. Ulrich Kosciessa from photonamic GmbH discusses our successful partnership.

Partnering Takeda

Why partner with us?

Dr Anant Murthy of Takeda describes the benefits of partnering with Specialised Therapeutics and the early success of their product in Australia.

Our Partners

We collaborate with international partner companies, championing their speciality products from pre-registration through to full commercialisation

Past and Present Partners

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Please contact our BD team at bd@stbiopharma.com