Specialised Therapeutics Asia Unveils ‘Track and Trace’ Pharma Model to Boost Drug Security, Improve Patient Safety

Singapore, 17 May 2019: Independent pharmaceutical company Specialised Therapeutics Asia (STA) is launching an innovative tracking system that will enable real time monitoring of every unit of drug product provided through its supply chain – from packing to patient.

The company, which markets specialist medicines to patients in Australia, New Zealand and across South East Asia, has adopted a model called the Unique Product Identification (UPI) system, that will see a unique 2D barcode printed on every drug product packaged and distributed by the company.

Current batches of two new products supplied by STA – NERLYNX® (neratinib) for breast cancer and APLIDIN® (plitidepsin) for multiple myeloma – are the first to be coded using this sophisticated technology. The UPI system is expected to be rolled out across the company’s entire portfolio by 2020.

STA is an early pharmaceutical adopter of this tracking model in this region, which is mandated in both the United States and Europe. It is designed to improve product integrity by minimising or eliminating dispensing errors, as well as eliminate the potential for counterfeit products to enter the legitimate pharmaceutical supply chain.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Carlo Montagner said the company’s UPI technology was “predominantly about ensuring international best practice is employed in terms of drug security and patient safety”.

“Track and trace technologies enable us and our partners to ensure safe drug distribution chains, and to implement any product recalls as rapidly as possible,” Mr Montagner said.

“In the event of an urgent product recall, we can now quickly and effectively track every unit of product to ensure patient safety remains paramount.”

Mr Montagner said it was common practice for pharmacy compounders to package intravenous cancer drugs for individual patients from multiple supply batches in order to minimise wastage.

“Without tracking technology, there has been poor visibility on the final destination of all batches produced,” he said.

“Our new UPI model will ensure that we know exactly which vial any single patient has received from which batch. If there is a recall or any other problem, we can track every unit of product to the patient.”

Mr Montagner said it was inevitable a Federal Government-mandated tracing system would be implemented industry-wide given the practice is now mandated in the EU and US.

“I would call on the Federal Government and indeed, all pharmaceutical manufacturers to introduce similar measures to ensure the highest patient safety standards are adopted,” he said.

“We are proud to be Australian innovators but believe these measures must be widely adopted by all pharma companies in this region to mitigate potential patient risks.”

About Specialised Therapeutics Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, Specialised Therapeutics Asia Pte Ltd (STA) is an international biopharmaceutical company established to commercialise new therapies and technologies to patients throughout South East Asia, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. STA and its regional affiliates collaborate with leading global pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to bring novel, innovative and life-changing healthcare solutions to patients affected by a range of diseases. Its mission is to provide therapies where there is an unmet need. The company’s broad therapeutic portfolio currently includes novel agents in oncology, haematology, neurology, ophthalmology and supportive care.

Additional information can be found at www.stbiopharma.com.


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