Will I Require Chemotherapy?

Wendy Dunstone was diagnosed with early breast cancer and chose to have her tumour tested using the genomic test, Oncotype DX to guide decisions on her treatment.

59 year old Wendy was preparing to embark on the ‘trip of a lifetime’ when a routine breast screening revealed a hidden tumour. “I was feeling the healthiest I had ever felt, probably ever in my adult life,” she recalls. “Then I got a phone call from BreastScreen saying, ‘We want you to come back for another look’. And that’s how it all started really.” Wendy underwent a lumpectomy. Subsequent pathology results revealed a 12 mm tumour that had not spread to lymph glands. In addition, it was found to be hormone receptor positive “although perhaps not as strongly as we would hope”, her surgeon Miss Jane O’Brien remembers. Before treatment decisions were made, Wendy decided to proceed with the Oncotype DX breast cancer assay, which examined tumour tissue from the original surgical specimen. The following video outlines her experience.

To view Wendy’s story, please click on the following video link.